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Total number of completed stories: not counting drabbles, 10. I wrote sixteen drabbles that were decent enough to be reposted after the meme.
Total word count: without my wips, it can't be more than 30k. my guess is 25k.
Fandom breakdown: shinee, super junior, beast, 4minute, dream high, snsd, sm the ballad, jay park. apparently I didn't write anything f(x) this year??

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sorry for being such an angstbunny, guys :( but I'm excited for coming home and doing nothing and hopefully talking to people and writing fic. and for london ofc :3

wassup la (aka smtown la...thing)

okay first warning: I don't have any pictures :( which, yes, is entirely my fault. I charged my camera and then forgot the vital step of PUTTING THE BATTERY BACK IN. so yeah. I suck. I'm sorry. if it makes you feel any better, since the stadium was dark and the lights were insane there are very few pictures that would have come out well. anyway.

also, weirdly, it ended two hours earlier than I think smtown seoul did? although I think that might have been a combination of a) the afterparty, b) la transit being a douche and ending really early and c) the staples center being like gtfo idek. I honestly didn't mind that much. we still got a LOT of special stages and eargasms.

the good news is that I got there just fine, taking the train. we got a hotel for after the show and then I came back to school this morning. and then collapsed onto my bed. I hate los angeles, shittiest city in the entire world, but I'll do it for you, smtown.

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other than the obvious seeing smtown live part, they left a huge impression on me because of how hard they tried to speak english exclusively throughout the show. at kmf nicole said "are you guys having fun?" like twice and nichkhun introduced himself in english, and one older singer spoke english but that was really it- all the announcements and mc dialogues were in korean, and most of the artists didn't even try. it sounds bizarre, but at smtown I felt like, as an english-speaking fan, I actually mattered to them. even if they just said "my name is ____" or "thank you" it made a huge difference. I think boa, tiffany, siwon, henry, krystal, and key made a big impact on the english-speaking fans because of this, boa, fany, and henry especially, because you could tell they were nervous and it was really sweet. key's english has improved, too, his pronunciation is really good and he talks pretty quickly in comparison to say, siwon and boa. likewise, zhang liyin/zhou mi/victoria got huge reception from the chinese fans when they spoke mandarin. idek I just really, really appreciated them even trying to speak my language. it made the whole concert that much nicer :")

THIS IS OBSCENELY LONG AND PICTURE-LESS I'M SORRY. if any of you guys have been watching fancams or seen some cute pictures, please send them to me because I don't have any :(